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A holistic way to improving your health.

Ozone Therapy has been clinically proven to assist in the healing of most medical conditions and The Ozone Pod is the first Ozone Therapy and Wellness Centre of its kind in South Africa.

The first POD is situated at The Leaping Frog Shopping Centre in Fourways, Gauteng and is attended to by three medical doctors and two O3 Therapists, offering Ozone Hyperthermia Therapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Cupping and External Limb Bagging.  We also have a Podlet in the Northern Cape and have plans afoot to open on the East Rand shortly.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and complement your well-being with organic supplements and vitamins, and purified and ozonated water.

Through our complementary products and the ozone treatments we offer, detoxification and anti-ageing becomes a reality as does weight loss and wound healing.

Purified and ozonated water is available for purchase at The Ozone Pod

We also offer LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS at The Pod where our Practitioners are able to help you formulate an optimal natural diet programme along with what supplements are best suited to and required by your body.

No waiting for lab results!

A simple finger prick and examination of your blood during your consultation will show you exactly why you're feeling tired, can't loose weight, and many other conditions.

The test lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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Oncolytic Virotherapy and Ozone are safe and effective cancer treatments

ONCOLYTIC VIROTHERAPY - A New Era in Cancer Treatment

We are associated with a specialist clinic overseas and assist and accompany cancer patients to undergo virotherapy.

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We do not advocate that you stop taking prescription medication.  Consult your doctor prior to taking Ozone Therapy if you are concerned.