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Water - the Source of Life

There is huge hype around Reverse Osmosis and Ozonated Water at the moment.  Water tanks are popping up in supermarkets all around our country and people are filling plastic (sometimes not BPA free either!) containers and paying outrageous prices for water which is only good to use in your car battery or steam iron. 

When tap water goes through the reverse osmosis process, EVERYTHING, including all the good minerals and trace elements are removed.  This leaves dead water - like we said, good enough only to put in your car battery.  Reverse osmosis water serves no beneficial use to the human body.  Our bodies cannot survive without water, and especially not dead battery water.  We need the minerals and trace elements that water collects as it filters through the earths natural rock to keep our bodies healthy.

Ozonated water, on the other hand, is only good if one drinks it AS SOON as it has been ozonated.  Ozone's half life in water is less than 30 minutes.  Ozonated water has amazing healing properties for the sick and infirm, but we would suggest you purchase a small handheld ozonater for this purpose - ask us for a quote as we supply them to our patients.

So, when companies purport to bring you health in a bottle with reverse osmosis and ozonated water, their marketing team are, in our opinion, doing a good job on fooling you.

Drinking filtered, or prepared water, is far better than buying reverse osmosis water and some of the bigger bottling companies are already supplying that into the market, but again, there are drawbacks.  Many of these companies add in minerals, flouride and other items, so be sure to check the labels on the bottle before drinking.

We have researched the water industry quite thoroughly, especially as South African tap water (which is supposed to be good) was a huge concern to us in our practice.  We did not want to give our patients high particles of fluoride, uranium, effluent and toxic medical residues which are found floating in our municipal water.  If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at Carte Blanche's report on the state of our water.

We only use reverse osmosis water for the sauna elements in our Pods as we cannot have Ozone mixing with the abovementioned toxins while we are healing you.  BUT, when we give you that bottle of water to drink after your session, we're giving you SOUL WATER - THE SOURCE OF LIFE.

We bring our bottled water in from a natural spring, deep in the Magaliesburg Mountains of South Africa. Here the water is filtered naturally as it sinks to the underground spring, leaving it with just the right amount of minerals and trace elements your body requires.  The spring has been tested and accredited by SANBWA and has enjoyed supplying many restaurants, hotels and even a cruise-liner with all their drinking water.

We can also assist you with choosing a water station suitable for your home needs.

Soul Source Water from The Ozone Pod at Leaping Frog Shopping Centre Fourways

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We do not advocate that you stop taking prescription medication.  Consult your doctor prior to taking Ozone Therapy if you are concerned.