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The Ozone Pod offers three types of ozone therapy at present :

- Autohemotherapy

- Bagging

- Hyperthermia Therapy

Ozone Autohemotherapy Treatment

Performed by a medical doctor who attends at The Ozone Pod once a week, this therapy is particularly good for athletes, cancer and auto-immune patients.

A small about of blood is withdrawn from a vein, ozonated and reintroduced into a muscle by injection.  This creates a tiny inflammatory response which acts very much like a wound.  The muscle is injured slightly by the injection (no matter how small the gauge of the needle) as the needle used is larger than the size of the capillaries.  The injured capillaries leak platelets into the tissues, triggering growth factors and inflammatory proteins.  This activates the immune system.  If foreign proteins are in the blood, they will be picked up by antigen presenting cells and given to the T-cells of the immune system to produce the appropriate antibodies.

Autohemotherapy must be repeated frequently so that each injection contains fresh proteins.

Read more about autohemotherapy here

Bookings essential.  Click here to make your appointment.

Ozone Hyperthermia Treatment

The patient sits in a 'pod' which their head exposed.  Steam is introduced to create hydrogen peroxide on the skin and to open the pores.  Ozone is then flooded into the chamber.  During the session, the patient watches a de-stressing video with soothing music.

Ozone Hyperthermia treatments help to :

- inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and protozoa

- prevent and reverse degenerative diseases

- prevent and treat communicable diseases such as STDs

- aid in the treatment of auto immune diseases such as ALS, MND and Multiple Sclerosis

- in the treatment of cancers 

- increase the potency while minimising the side-effects of chemotherapy

- oxidise toxins, allowing excretion

- improve neurological functions such as brain function and memory

- reduces pain

- improves circulation, clearing arteries and veins, ie, varicose veins, chilblains

- purifies blood and the lymphatic system

- prevent stroke damage

- normalize hormone and enzyme production

- reduce inflammation

- stimulate the immune system

- chronic fatigue syndrome

- depression

- cardiac conditions such as arrhythmias

- healing of wounds

- tone skin and muscle

Ozone Bagging

Bagging is used mostly for healing of wounds.  The area is 'washed' with ozonated water in order to aid with the penetration of ozone.  A bag is tightened over the limb and ozone is introduced directly onto the affected area.

If you cannot make it in to The Ozone Pod, we will do a house call.  See here for details.

Click here to view a healed gangrenous leg and also our first furry friend house call.

Oncolytic Virotherapy

We assist and accompany cancer patients who wish to undergo virotherapy treatment.  Click here for more information.

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We do not advocate that you stop taking prescription medication.  Consult your doctor prior to taking Ozone Therapy if you are concerned.